Company Young Poong Mechanical Ind. co.,Ltd
CEO Name Cho Boo Peyung
Telephone ☎ +82-54-773-6661
Fax ☎ +82-54-773-6662
Address , 50-13 Mohwa-Ri Oedong-Eup KyungJu, Korea
Selling Category [K_300228210000]
Introduction Since our establishment in September 1, 1986 we have manufactured industrial machineries and changed our business to the manufacture of automobile parts. Through continuous R & D we have acquired outstanding technology and quality allowing us to become the primary vendor of automobile parts for Hyundai Motors. Under the firm motto of "Credibility", "Free Creativity", "Technological Innovation" all our staff has been working to satisfy our clients with the best quality products while we invest for the welfare facilities and education of our employees making labor and management unite. As a consequence we have been selected by the Labor Office of the Korean Government as a firm with outstanding Labor and Management meeting building a new age of firm culture. For the development new products we have established a technological research institute and we will work on to become closer to our clients through client satisfaction management. To cope with the rapidly changing international environment of the 21st century we are working hard to build and strengthen the international quality guarantee system (QS-9000) under the motto of "Internationalization of quality" so that we could compete with any automobile part manufacturer. We will continue to contribute to the development of our country and society.