Company ETI Ltd.
CEO Name An Eun Hee
Telephone ☎ +82-63-243-2243
Fax ☎ 82-63-243-0133 )
Address 77, 75, Bongseo-ro, Yongjin-myeon, Wanju_Gun, Jeollabuk-do 565-813, Rep. of KOREA
Selling Category [K_351007000000] Transportation Projects


[Company Introduction]

ETI has proudly served the world with highway safety products.
As one of the largest safety barrier companies in Korea,
we contracted with governments to install the equipment throughout the nation.
All of our products have been pre-qualified by Road Traffic Safety Authority of Korea and passed collision tests.
Most of them are patented in Korea and also in other nations.
The best product of our company, ‘Roller System’ minimizes damages in car accidents and saves lives of many drivers.
Roller System never crumbles from external blow and has better ability to absorb a shock than any other safety barrier. When a car hits the Roller System, it leads the vehicle to the driving direction rolling the barriers itself and converting the impulse energy to rotational energy at the same time.
We always do our best to provide drivers the safest road environment with our highly qualified safety products.